What we Offer

We offer the following services:

  1. Uniquely conceptualized meditation room for both "Sakar" and "Nirakar" "upasana", rituals and rites, available to people of all faiths.
  2. Library to house "resource" material for study, reference and research on cultural heritage of the Indian sub-continent and its contributions to the world.
  3. Classroom facilities
  4. A medium size auditorium
  5. Regular Devotional gatherings
  6. Worship on special occasions
  7. Lectures and seminars on various topics.e.g., Yoga, Meditation, History, Religion, etc.
  8. Opportunities to learn Sanskrit.
  9. Celebration of Hindu festivals.
  10. Programs for inter-cultural exchanges.
  11. Yoga Classes.
  12. Priest available for Hindu rituals at home or at the Temple, funeral services and ceremony.
  13. Educational tours for grade schools, university students and/or other interested groups.