The objects of the Society are to:

  1. Foster the spirit of devotion, dedication and worship and to cultivate and propagate Hindu values and morals of life as suited to modern times.
  2. Diffuse knowledge of ethical, spiritual, religious, and philosophical foundations and practices of Hindu culture.
  3. Provide for the recreation of the public at large through yoga, meditation, music, dancing and such other activities as are related to Hindu heritage.
  4. Promote and afford opportunities for social and multicultural activities.
  5. Promote respect and understanding between Hindus and various ethno-cultural groups of Canada.
  6. Help people in emergency.
  7. Develop and maintain one or more religious and cultural centers.
  8. Promote, conduct, and carry on activities of cultural, intellectual, social, religious and charitable nature and undertake all such lawful activities as are deemed conducive to and incidental to the attainment and realization of the above objectives.