Become a Member

Any person who accepts the objectives of the Society shall be eligible to become a member.  A member in good standing (paid dues for a current fiscal year in Regular Membership and Association and Society category ) has the voting rights and is eligible to be on the board. The membership consists of the following categories:

  1. Life Members: Any person or agency who has donated to the Society $500 or more in one fiscal year is eligible to become a member.
  1. Regular Members: A person is eligible to become a regular member upon completion of an application form and a payment of $10.00. (this fee may change time to time).
  1. Membership to Association /Society: Any incorporated organization can become member of the Society by making an annual payment of $250.00.

The Board may by unanimous vote recognize an individual with an Honorary Life Membership.  Honorary Member has the same privilege as Life Members except the voting rights and to become a board member.

Please speak with a volunteer at the donation Desk if you have any questions or want to become a member.