Volunteers Needed

The Hindu Cultural Centre (HCC) which includes the temple is operated entirely by volunteers except the priest.  The Hindu Society Volunteer Board is responsible for the governance, management and operation of the Hindu cultural Centre.

Volunteers are needed to help

  • in special events,
  • with cleaning projects,
  • prepare for poojas,
  • fill the board positions,
  • in the kitchen,
  • clean up after poojas,
  • maintenance work and
  • to keep the front entrance snow free.

Please encourage your children to get involved.  Young volunteers can help with many tasks listed above. Why not get the whole family to spend some time together and volunteer!  

If you can give 10 to 12 hours/month of your valuable time to help run the HCC efficiently please call 780-298-3440 or 780-444-5897 or click here to fill out I want to Volunteer form.